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Alright, I’m convinced. These new pictures of the purported PalmOne ‘Life Drive’ 4GB PDA look pretty darn authentic to me. It’s not like I know anything you don’t, but it looks pretty legit. Of course, the internet was built by liars wielding Wacom tablets, so we won’t know for sure until PalmOne spills the beans.

Rumors of a PalmOne device with a built-in 4GB hard drive have been floating around for a while now, and PalmInfoCenter adds a little fuel to the fire with rumors of the ‘Life Drive.’ Filled with the 4GB hard drive and dual Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless connections, the Life Drive is rumored to be twice as a Tungsten T5, which I’m taking to mean front-to-back thickness, and not a super-long Go-L-style monstrosity. Who knows, but we thought we’d throw it out there for you. PalmOne is still committed to PDAs as a form factor (as opposed to smartphones, specifically), so they need to do something to convince those of us on the fence that there’s still room for innovation. ... drive.html


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